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With documentation requirements for clinical trials, packaging, labeling, regulatory controls, medical information, sales, marketing, internal and external communications, print volumes in Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations can represent a significant percentage of their revenues and continue to escalate.

In this regulated, paper-intensive environment, eliminating bottlenecks and keeping your printing imaging devices up and running can be a full-time job for your IT department. FTG has helped some of the top ten generic and global pharmaceutical companies to manage the increased demands on their printing and imaging infrastructure and meet new challenges as a result of rapid growth, expansion, and acquisitions.

Through focused, print management strategies FTG has helped them to set standards and implement best practices across facilities that were operating independently, improve service levels across their organization, free up their IT resources and get their printing and imaging costs under control.

To learn more about how FTG is helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contact us today or request your In-Depth FTG Analysis to get started on your customized solution.

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Our customizable solutions brings your company the best and a most efficient outcome for your office technology needs.

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Here are some case studies describing how we provided our customers the solutions they are looking for.


Advanced Print Management

FTG and it’s best in breed partners provide workflow solutions that make printing across complex healthcare information systems (HIS) fast, efficient and easy to manage.

Clinical Department Solutions

Submit, manage, access and process clinical documentation outside the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Departmental Solutions

Improve workflow and reduce manual tasks in daily routines for accounting, finance, human resources and legal contract management.

Downtime Reports

Improve continuity of care during a downtime event with 24/7 access to key forms and reports from your MFP, no PC required.

Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing

Securely print CMS-compliant prescriptions on plain paper. Security features include void pantograph, micro print border and erasure protections.

This is just the beginning!

We can do so much more for your company then even what we described above. Talk to us an d see how we can build the best office technology solution for you.

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